Student Shot, Killed at Bus Stop Leads to Lockdown on Schools

Police and school officials in Greenwood, Indiana, say that a student was shot and killed at a bus top, prompting several schools in the area to go into lockdown on Thursday morning.

The Greenwood Police Department said Thursday that it responded to a homicide and that the victim was “a student at Whiteland Community High School.” The department said it believes the killing was an “isolated incident” and that “the victim was specifically targeted.”

News station Fox 59 posted a statement released by Indiana’s Clark-Pleasant schools—which Whiteland Community High School is a part of—detailing that the student died after being shot near his bus stop.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and also to his classmates and teachers at Whiteland Community High School,” the statement reads.

“Greenwood Police are handling the investigation, interviewing witnesses and searching for the suspect near the scene. Clark-Pleasant Police Department is securing all of our school buildings today and extra officers have been brought in to assist,” it continues.

Fox 59 reported that local schools including Greenwood Community High School. Greenwood Middle School, Greenwood Christian Academy and the Clark-Pleasant schools are on lockdown as police search for the suspect in the shooting. The news station noted that state police are using helicopters to look for the alleged shooter who was believed to have entered a cornfield this morning.

Newsweek has reached out to the Greenwood Police Department and the Clark-Pleasant schools for comment.

In a separate incident in Philadelphia in November, a student was shot 18 times while waiting for a bus and died from his injuries. At the time, law enforcement officials said that two shooters got out of a vehicle approached the student and fired at least 36 shots.

Last month, a college student was fatally shot in Georgia after a professor from her school opened fire in the car she was sitting in. Law enforcement officials said the incident occurred after the professor got into an argument outside a pizza restaurant and allegedly threatened to kill someone. The professor then walked toward a parking area of a courthouse and opened fire into a parked car.

In September, a teenager was killed and two others were killed in a drive-by shooting while they were waiting at a bus stop. At the time, a police official said that “a vehicle drove by and fired shots into the group of kids, striking two of the children by gunfire.”

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