Registered Sex Offender Accused of Attempted Kidnap Day After Court Release

A registered sex offender allegedly tried to kidnap a woman and attacked three others a day after he was released on bail, according to Chicago officials.

Quavon Ewing, 32, reportedly tried to pull a woman into his car in the 200 block of South Sangamon Street on Sunday morning having been released from custody on Saturday.

Fox 32 reported he also allegedly assaulted two women in the 100 block of West Roosevelt Road before he attacked another in the 600 block of South State Street.

According to the home security organization Safe Home, there are 33,019 registered sex offenders in the state of Illinois.

A split image of Quavon Ewing and a police car. Ewing was apprehended after allegedly trying to kidnap a woman and attacking three others a day after he was released on bail.POLICE HANDOUT/ GETTY

It added there were a total of 767,023 people who were listed on state sex offender registers in the U.S. as of April 2022—a 2 percent drop from 2021.

The network reported Ewing allegedly wrapped his arms around the woman during the Roosevelt attack before he let go when she bit him.

He is accused of having pushed the woman in the State Street attack into a corner of Harrison Street station and then poured a bottle of urine on her.

Chicago Transit Authority recognized Ewing based on a police alert and then notified the department’s mass transit unit.

Ewing was arrested in the Loop on Tuesday, according to Fox 32.

According to the Illinois Attorney General, Ewing is a registered sex offender and was previously convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Cook County.

Thomas James, who was in a rideshare nearby, heard the attack in South Sangamon Street and shared his experience with Fox 32.

He said: “It was gut-wrenching, primordial even, immediately got our attention. She sped over there, I jumped out of the vehicle and approached the van screaming at the man.”

James claimed Ewing threatened him with a screwdriver and said he would kill him.

Just 48 hours before the attacks, Ewing entered the Englewood District police station where he surrendered on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court, Fox 32 reported.

Newsweek has contacted the Chicago Police Department for comment.

Earlier in September, a registered sex offender tried to kidnap and rape a jogger in Tennessee, according to police.

Knoxville officers raced to Market Square after they were alerted to a report that a woman had been assaulted by a man just after 7 a.m. on Tuesday, September 6.

Bystanders quickly came to the assistance of the woman and she managed to escape with only minor injuries. The suspect had fled the scene by the time officers arrived.

Police later identified the suspect as registered sex offender Japa Goins, 34, and arrested him on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping and attempted rape.

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