Mom Of 6 Arrested After Cops Find Children Chained Up In The Backyard

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP)- Authorities say they have arrested the mother of six of the eight children who were found unsupervised in the middle of the night at a San Antonio home.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman James Keith say investigators believe that 34-year-old Porucha Phillips was also supposed to be looking after two other children who were found tied up in the backyard. One was a 2-year-old boy chained to the ground, and the other was a 3-year-old girl tied to a door with a dog leash.

Authorities say the boy had a metal chain strapped around his ankle, with the other end of the chain fixed to the ground.

Keith said in a statement that Phillips was being held at a county magistrate’s office on Friday facing two charges of injury to a child by omission. One of the charges alleges serious bodily injury. It was not immediately clear if Phillips had an attorney.

Deputies were called to the home just before midnight, after receiving a call about a child crying for a long time.

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