Father of Missing Iowa Teen Jack Wilson Charged With Assault as Investigation Develops

The father of missing Iowa teen Jack Wilson was charged with assault on Thursday after a physical altercation with the teen’s mother and stepfather. The incident occurred moments after authorities announced they had found human remains where the 16-year-old disappeared.

During a news conference on Thursday, authorities said the human remains found near Wolf Creek in La Porte City, Iowa, matched what they had been searching for, KCRG reported. Authorities first reported the human remains on Tuesday.

Shortly after the announcement, Mike Wilson allegedly approached his son’s stepfather, Jeremy Neiswonger, and pushed him in the head with his hand and screamed, The Des Moines Register reported. The dispute was caught on video by journalists present for the news conference.

Officers and family members can be seen trying to separate the men as they shouted at each other. Mike Wilson was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. Police requested a no-contact order, according to The Des Moines Register.

Jack Wilson, a 16-year-old with autism, was last seen on April 7 after telling his parents he was going on a walk to Wolf Creek.

Remains that are consistent with what investigators were searching for were found by kayakers after water levels at Wolf Creek receded, La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher said on Thursday. Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson said investigators searched Wolf Creek months ago and had combed the area several times before the remains were found.

“We have been able to confirm with the medical examiner’s office that we have found human remains in and around Wolf Creek at this time,” Brecher said, according to The Gazette. “We are confident that we are on the right path. We have had confirmation that what has been found is consistent with what we are looking for, and it’s also been consistent with one of the areas we were expecting to find items.”

Authorities said that they have not confirmed that the remains belong to Wilson and noted that a medical examiner’s report would take two weeks to complete. The cause of death is unknown.

“It’s going to take a lot more work to figure this out,” Brecher added.

Sheriff Thompson urged people to stay clear of the scene where the remains were found and to stay off the creek, The Gazette reported.

“We have a job to do. If this is Jake, it’s not enough to recover him for his family. We want to know why. We want to know how. We want to know what,” Thompson said. “We are forensically processing everything right now. We are very meticulously moving through the areas that we are working.”

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