Cop Raped ‘Best Friend’ in Krispy Kreme Donut Shop Parking Lot: Police

A Florida police officer allegedly raped his “best friend” in the parking lot of a Krispy Kreme donut shop, according to police.

The victim told Opa-locka police that she and officer Alaindy LouisXVI, 24, had attended two parties before he allegedly forced her to have sex with him in a Krispy Kreme parking lot in Miami-Dade on July 9.

Every year tens of thousands of rapes happen across the U.S. Florida was the state with the third-highest number of reported rapes in 2020 with 7,686, according to Statista.

Only Texas and California had higher instances of reported forcible rapes with 13,509 and 13,499, respectively.

According to ABC 10, the woman told officers she had drunk half a bottle of wine and that she “blacked out” following the second party.

A warrant obtained by the network found the victim informed police that the following morning she found a photo of her “passed out with her shirt unbuttoned” as well as a video where she was “intoxicated and vomiting.”

She told officers that she called LouisXVI after she saw the photo and video. He allegedly told her she had been “behaving belligerently” at the second party and that the two left and had been driving to Sunny Isles Beach and Tootsie’s.

ABC 10 said Miami-Dade detectives stated in the report: “While at the beach (LouisXVI) used the victim’s locked cellular telephone to photograph and video record her, so she could see how intoxicated she was.”

The victim added at one point she placed her hand on LouisXVI and that he fondled her breast before she smiled at him.

While driving, LouisXVI parked at the Krispy Kreme store at 530 NE 167th Street in Miami-Dade and that he later told the woman that they had “sex.”

ABC 10 reported the woman vaguely remembered LouisXVI forcing her to have sex and that he texted an apology some days later.

Police interviewed the victim on July 25 and had her take part in a recorded phone call. During that call, LouisXVI allegedly admitted to having forced the woman to have sex with him while she was drunk.

According to the report obtained by the network: “LouisXVI admitted to taking advantage of the victim and stated that if the victim was not intoxicated, he knew she would never consent to having sexual intercourse with him.”

LouisXVI has since been suspended without pay and was charged with sexual battery, according to ABC 10.

Newsweek has contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department and Opa-locka Police Department for comment.

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