Boys Aged 12 and 15 Stab Gas Station Worker to Death: Police

Two juvenile boys have been charged with the stabbing death of a gas station employee.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning in Clinton, Maryland, with Prince George’s County Police being called to the scene at around 4:40 a.m. Upon arriving at the gas station, officers found an employee, 37-year-old Israel Akingbesote, suffering from multiple stab wounds. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and died, Fox 5 DC reported.

A day later on Friday, police announced the arrests of two young suspects in the case: two boys, ages 12 and 15. Authorities did not disclose their names or any parts of their identity due how young they are. As things currently stand in the investigation, police believe that the boys stabbed the worker after carrying out a theft at the gas station.

Both boys were being held in police custody as of Friday, with charges of first-degree murder and assault leveled against them. The older of the suspects will be charged as an adult, while the 12-year-old will be charged as a juvenile.

In a statement, Prince George’s Chief of Police Malik Aziz said that the incident fits a troubling trend of juvenile crime in the county.

“This is a tragic situation,” Aziz said, according to Fox 5. “Two juveniles are now in custody for killing Mr. Akingbesote while he was at work. We have seen far too many juveniles committing violent crimes. Seven juveniles have been arrested this year alone involving homicides. Committing violent crimes are serious offenses and we intend to do our part in holding accountable anyone, no matter their age, who breaks the law in this county. We will continue to seek justice for the victims of crime.”

The county police department is asking any members of the public with information pertaining to the case to reach out at 301-516-2512.

Newsweek reached out to the Prince George’s County Police Department for comment.

Another tragic stabbing incident played out in New Orleans last week, when a mother embroiled in a custody battle reportedly attacked her own children, ages 2 and 4. The older child, a girl, died from her injuries, while the younger one, a boy, was left in critical condition.

The father of the two children rushed to the scene after the mother posted a disturbing video on Instagram in which she appeared to be covered in blood. He was able to flee with the injured children, but had to break a window in order to get inside the home.

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