Black Lives Matter Leader Exposed as White Man Using Tanning Injections

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN | An influential leader of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement resigned from his position this morning after it was revealed that he was, in fact, a Caucasian man pretending to be black.

The Kalamazoo Herald revealed yesterday that the director of BLM for the state of Michigan, known as Jamal Brown, was actually 53-year old Maurice Clark, a Caucasian former bank manager from Detroit.

Mr. Clark apparently began using tan injections on himself in 2011, a few months after losing his job at the Bank of America.

When interviewed by the newspaper, his former neighbors revealed that he began behaving strangely at the time and using stereotypical “gangsta rap” expressions.

“He matched all the clichés. He was acting more African-American, than any African-American I’ve ever met.”

Mr. Clark moved to Kalamazoo in January 2012 and assumed the identity of Jamal Brown.

In a matter of months, the dynamic and capable man was occupying important positions in various civil rights organizations across Michigan.

In 2013, he was one of the founders of the Kalamazoo chapter of Black Lives Matter and has gained much influence within the organization since that time.

BLM named Jamal Brown as general director for the state of Michigan in 2014 and he had played that role even since.


Local leaders of the Kalamazoo BLM chapter reacted to Mr.Clark/Brown’s resignation, saying it was a “personal decision” and that the movement did not ask him to quit.

The last few months had been quite hectic for the activist after some attacks on his legitimacy began to surface.

In December 2016, a first wave of rumors concerning his origins began to circulate on the social media, leading some reporters to investigate.

In April, the Kalamazoo Herald published a series of articles revealing the Jamal Brown was a fabricated identity and that he wasn’t who he pretended to be.

Finally, yesterday morning, the same newspaper revealed that it had discovered Mr. Brown’s true identity, publishing fourteen pages of documents to confirm its claim.

According to these documents, the activist used regular melatonin injections to keep his skin pigmentation dark and protect his fake identity.

The BLM leader didn’t deny the allegations and published a short message on Facebook in which he asks for forgiveness and resigns from his position.

“I always wanted to be black, so I used some tan injections to fit in. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone, but I just didn’t want to be white anymore.”

Mr. Clark said he would not make any more comments on his resignation and has refused all demands for interviews.

Despite the apparent identity fraud, a spokesperson of Black Lives Matter said the organization held no grudge against its former leader and announced that it would not file any accusations against him.


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