Arizona Officer Uses Bodycam to Film Himself Having Sex in Office, Loses Job

Footage has emerged of a former Arizona officer having sex with a women in his police uniform—and it was all filmed on his standard-issue police body camera.

Anthony Doran, who worked for Superior police as a commander, also kept almost 40 gigabytes of pornography on his computer in a file labelled “fun times”. According to ABC 15 Arizona, the footage and files were found when a secretary was using Doran’s computer. The incident occured back in April 2017 and the video lasts around four minutes.

Doran lost his job in March and his since denied claims he did anything wrong. He said the pornography was kept on his own flash drive and that it had nothing to do with work. Doran also said he should not have lost his job. “I’ll admit to that (violation) and take my 40,” Doran said, referring to a standard week-long suspension.

Also found in Doran’s personal files was an image of a naked five-year-old girl. However, Doran said the photo was of his daughter—which was confirmed by Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer. Prosecutors determined Doran would not face any felony charges.

Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) have now launched an investigation into the claims. The organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is not the first time Doran has been in the news for the wrong reasons. In 2016, it is alleged he unlawfully searched the home of a Superior man with a group of officers who beat him and falsely arrested him. Richard Manriquez, who filed the complaint, was described as being a small disabled man who weighed around 120 pounds. Pictures were released of Manriquez with a beaten face.

The entire police force was then scrutinized as being “second-chance officers” who were hired on the cheap. “The town hires substandard officers with extensive misconduct records to save money,” the complaint reads, according to The Arizona Republic. “Once the town hires these substandard, ‘second chance’ officers, it fails to appropriately train/retrain them.”

Doran’s first reported case of misconduct came from his time with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in Tucson. Doran was fired in 2013 for fondling and kissing a woman in his police patrol car. He then reportedly tried to delete all texts and sexual images from his phone. Immediately following the incident, POST suspended his police certification.

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