Woman Charged $5,705.70 For Cup Of Coffee

Woman Charged $5,705.70 For Cup Of Coffee

A woman says she was left penniless in her bank account after a coffee run and months later she’s still fighting to get her money back.

Lisa Angello says she stopped in at a Colorado Starbucks for a drink and was shocked to get a notice later from her bank warning that she was overdrawn.

The problem was that the $5.70 was actually entered twice in the charge machine, making the amount charged $5,705.70.

Angello says she assumed the problem would be an easy fix but she says the error has turned into a months-long back-and-forth between her, USAA Bank, and the coffee company.

“I am caught in the middle. No one has my back, and no one’s listening, I want my money returned to me,” Angello says.

She says the bank has put money back into her account as a provisional credit so she can pay her bills, but the process to actually have her money problem fixed continues.

“And it doesn’t even matter whose fault it is anymore. I just want it rectified. I want it made right,” Angello says.