Baby Found Frozen In A Block Of Ice In Woods

When setting squirrel traps on Monday in a hunter made a horrifying find. Travis Wilbert Lee, 28, was trekking through the woods on his monthly search for squirrels when he came upon a huge block of ice that had an odd object inside of it. Lee remarked that he could not believe what it was as he approached.

At first, Lee claimed, he believed it to be a doll. “But, as I drew forward and gave the object my my attention, I discovered it to be a darn baby. How in the world did that thing get out here by itself, I mean? I assume someone dumped the young child. We’ve been trying to conceive for three years, so that’s unfortunate for Martha Lynn and me. We were going to take the baby.

No other traces, including Lee’s, led to the spot where the infant was discovered, according to the police. The infant’s umbilical chord was still attached when they discovered him after defrosting him. It has been determined that the mother abandoned the child as soon as it was born. The results of the autopsy will determine whether the infant was stillborn or was abandoned in the woods alive to be frozen.

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