Two gorillas at San Diego Zoo test positive for COVID-19 after being sexually assaulted by drunk woman

Two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for COVID-19 after being sexually assaulted by a drunk woman last week.

Latifa Jones, 36, was arrested last Saturday for breaking and entering the facility of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park around 11 pm.

Video footage later revealed that the heavily intoxicated woman entered the gorilla enclave and sexually assaulted two of the three male gorillas present.

“It appears the woman was an ex-girlfriend of a San Diego Zoo employee and apparently attempted to make her former lover jealous by taking erotic selfies with the gorillas,” Officer Lucy Sheldon of the San Diego Police told the press.

Latifa Jones, 36, was charged with breaking and entering after penetrating the facility and sexually assaulting the animals, explained officer Lucy Sheldon of the San Diego Police.

“She is lucky to be alive. Fortunately, the gorillas mistook her for a female gorilla and partook in sexual activities with the woman, except for Pickles, who we believe prefers the male gender,” caretaker Rodrigo Sanchez told reporters.

The 22-minute video footage allegedly shows Jones denuding herself, taking pictures of erotic nature with the animals as well as engaging in complete sexual intercourse with the gorillas.

“Gorillas do not practice oral sex in the wild or in a domesticated setting, so it was a first time for Big George and Popeye, and both seemed to get a real kick out of it,” one employee admitted with humor after visualizing the video footage.

A psychological evaluation of the woman revealed that the confinement may have accentuated her mental illness symptoms and libido.

No charges of bestiality have been put forward at the moment by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as the animals do not appear to have suffered any psychological trauma or physical injuries and did seem to “enjoy the brief company” one administrator even commented.

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