Trio of rioters arrested for breaking into sperm bank and stealing hundreds of samples

Three Minneapolis residents have been arrested for breaking into a sperm bank during the riots that occurred last Saturday have reported Minneapolis police.

Latifah White, 29, Ivory Pepper, 31, and Yve Peach, 28, were arrested yesterday after video surveillance cameras caught images of the three suspects breaking into the local fertility clinic.

It is believed that the three suspects were intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol and crystal meth and may have fled the crime scene with hundreds of samples according to authorities.

“Surveillance cameras captured images of the three suspects filling grocery bags with specimens of sperm and even tasting several samples,” Officer Darnell Williams of the Minneapolis Police Department told reporters.

Officer Darnell Williams of the Minneapolis Police Department described to reporters during a press conference the disturbing images caught by surveillance cameras showing the intoxicated suspects allegedly inseminating themselves and even drinking several specimens of sperm.

“I have seen the footage. I don’t know what drugs they were on but you can see them rubbing sperm all over their faces and genitals and drinking the stuff like it’s Kool-Aid” said Alan Keyes, co-owner of the Minneapolis Cryobank.

Lewis Thomson, the attorney representing the three women, told reporters that his clients were upset with the present climate of racism in America and did this to honor the memory of George Floyd.

“This is an act of rage and activism fueled by desperation due to the political violence brought onto the African-American population in America,” explained attorney Lewis Thomson.

Legal experts believe that the three suspects could face charges of third-degree burglary as well as first-degree murder for destroying hundreds of specimens of living sperm and could each face up to 1,037 years in jail.

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