Texas: Cannibal death row inmate is denied his demand for a human meat steak as his last meal

A man condemned in 2007 for killing and eating 13 people and set to be executed by lethal injection this afternoon was denied his special request for his last meal after he asked for a 16-ounce human meat steak.

44-year old Boris Michaels became known as the “El Paso Cannibal” after being found guilty of killing and entirely devouring at least 13 people between 2002 and 2006.

He was sentenced to death in 2007 after being found guilty of nine counts of first-degree and eight counts of second-degree murder, but as used several legal procedures to delay the moment of his execution.

His death was finally scheduled for 1:00 PM today, and he was offered his choice of last meal, a customary ritual preceding execution.

According to Bill Kellogg, spokesman of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the prisoner’s demands were too unreasonable to be met.

“He asked for a 16-ounce steak from the thight of a virgin teenage girl with a side of fries. That guy is too sick to even deserve the fries, so he got nothing.”

Mr. Kellogg says that Mr. Michaels was still offered the same meal as other prisoners, fried chicken and rice, but denied it.

“He always made a fuss about cannibalism being a dietary choice, like vegetarianism and veganism. Well, that’s not what neither the law of Texas nor the department’s policy say.”

The spokesman of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Bill Kellogg, says the prisoner deliberately violated the rules concerning the last meal custom, so his last privilege was simply revoked.

Mr. Micheals received his lethal injection at 1:13 PM this afternoon and his death was confirmed 11 minutes later.

He is only the second condemned prisoner in the history of the state of Texas to be denied his request for his last meal.

In 1907, a serial rapist and murderer named Sancho Ramirez had asked for a live cat as his last meal. The prison authorities had declined his demand and served him an already dead and cooked feline instead.

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