Spouse of L.A. gang member smuggled AR-15 inside prison by hiding it inside her vagina

An AR-15 was reportedly smuggled into Los Angeles County State Prison by a woman hiding it inside of her body during a conjugal visit.

Rosita Maria José Sanchez, 33, was visiting her husband Rodrigo Sanchez at Los Angeles County State Prison during a conjugal visit where she successfully concealed the disassembled weapon inside of her vagina.

She also duped prison guards at the security checkpoint and metal detector saying that she had a metal plate on her hip and had medical papers to prove so.

“The suspect was bleeding from her genitals and was sent to the infirmary where the smuggled weapon was later discovered and seized,” one Los Angeles County State Prison spokesperson told reporters during a press conference.

A disassembled AR-15 was retrieved from the vagina of Rosita Maria José Sanchez, 33, who successfully smuggled the weapon inside the prison but later was sent to the infirmary because of abundant bleeding.

“She said she was having her period and just needed a tampon but she kept bleeding until she almost fainted,” one prison nurse told reporters.

Rosita also used up several dozen tampons that were offered to her which raised medical staff’s suspicions who then alerted the prison guards.

“There was a large protruding object that was pushing her underwear and pants down. At first, we thought it was a large clitoris or even men genitalia but then we became suspicious,” one prison medical staff added visibly surprised by the whole ordeal.

Last year a similar event occurred at Los Angeles County State Prison after a woman tried to smuggle two Big Macs, one large serving of french fries and one McDonald apple pie inside her vagina but was intercepted by prison guards before successfully delivering the items.

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