San Francisco: Thousands infected by coronavirus after homeless man defecated in drinking fountain

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has issued a warning to all residents after thousands could be infected from drinking at a contaminated water fountain.

Thousands of San Francisco residents could have been infected after drinking from a water fountain that a homeless man contaminated with COVID-19, said health authorities yesterday.

The homeless man apparently used the drinking fountain as a bidet to wash himself off after defecating in the street.

“He always washes himself in the fountain after taking a dump. It’s really disgusting, but the worst part is seeing people drink from it all day afterward,” one local resident told reporters.

San Francisco Department of Public Health spokesman, Allan Green, warned citizens not to use public drinking fountains after thousands could have been contaminated by COVID-19.

“I once gave him a roll of toilet paper and asked him to stop using the drinking fountain as a bidet and later caught him trying to roll a joint with the paper,” one nearby resident explained to reporters.

San Francisco police also said they had arrested the man after samples of urine, excrements, and semen were found in the fountain.

“Masturbating, urinating and defecating in public drinking fountains should not be encouraged or practiced by San Francisco residents and are considered a health hazard to the community,” SF police Chief Andrew Simmons warned.

San Francisco is struggling to accommodate the thousands of homeless who have limited access to public restrooms, as complaints regarding human feces have increased exponentially in past years.

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