New York: Chinese man takes revenge on ex-girlfriend by eating her two dogs, six puppies and two cats

A New York City resident was arrested this week after his former girlfriend pressed charges after he allegedly kidnapped and ate her two dogs, six puppies and two cats.

Gou Yīn Jīng Chī, 22, a software engineering student originally from China, was later arrested after police found the skeletal remains of several animals in his Brooklyn apartment.

Chī’s attorney, Ling Hun, claims that his client has denied kidnapping the pets of his former girlfriend with the intent of eating them in an act of revenge.

“My client claims that he and his former girlfriend have parted in good terms and that she brought him the puppies as a gift and that they both enjoyed cooking them and eating them together,” attorney Ling Hun told reporters.

Attorney Ling Hun claims that his client Gou Yīn Jīng Chī, 22, and his former girlfriend both enjoyed making fried dumplings with the young puppies, a popular Chinese dish, and eating them together.

“Eating dumplings made of young puppies is a very popular dish in China and very good to grow penis size, to treat hair loss and to cure bad breath,” attorney Ling Hun told reporters.

Although Chī’s ex-girlfriend later testified to eating young puppies on a regular basis in the presence of her former boyfriend, she told authorities that she was unaware that he had cooked her own puppies and said that she was hoping to cook them on a later occasion.

“Eating dogs and cats is perfectly legal in the state of New York and is a perfectly healthy and normal practice. Dogs, especially young puppies, have very tender meat and are very delicious,” attorney Ling Hun added.

Current New York state law does not prevent an individual from killing and eating a dog or cat or selling meat to another person, so long as it’s not through a store, according to legal experts.

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