Man operating fake funeral home arrested for burying 167 corpses in his backyard

An Alabama man is in police custody after illegally operating a funeral home from his backyard where he buried an estimated 167 corpses.

Waylon Cornbull, 47, was apprehended by Huntsville police after receiving several complaints from neighbors of a stench smell coming from the Cornbull residence.

Cornbull first told officers that he suffered from severe bowel problems and chronic flatulence which could explain the odors but Huntsville police were not seemingly convinced by his explanations and searched the property.

Officers later found a large jar containing hundreds of teeth with gold fillings as well as several business cards claiming that he operated a funeral home which after interrogation led the suspect to admit to his illegal activities.

“The suspect admitted to getting rid of the bodies by burying them in his backyard and by feeding them to cats in his neighborhood,” Deputy Sheriff Alex Johnson told reporters during a press conference.

According to Huntsville Deputy Sheriff Alex Johnson, Waylon Cornbull, 47, operated an illegal funeral home where he told bereaved families that he was cremating the bodies but gave them urns full of wood ash instead.

“I once saw him drag what looked like a body wrapped in a bed cloth and dump it into his next-door neighbor’s garbage can,” one neighbor later told reporters, visibly shocked by the news.

Cornbull described various means of disposing of the bodies such as blending them and pouring them down the toilet, disposing of them in garbage cans, as well as burying them in his backyard and feeding them to cats in his neighborhood.

“My cat Cecile hadn’t eaten her cat food in weeks. I was wondering where she was getting her food,” one surprised neighbor admitted to reporters.

Waylon Cornbull’s illegal business listed prices as low as $50 per cremation and even offered a second cremation for free for a referral to his services as advertised on his business card.

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