Mall Santa arrested for making kids touch and lick his erect penis coated in sugar and painted like candy cane

An Arkansas mall Santa was arrested this week after allegedly enticing dozens of underage children to touch his genitals.

Little Rock Police Officers responded to the vicinity of Park Plaza Mall for a report of an intoxicated man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit within the mall who was allegedly touching children in an inappropriate manner.

Several shoppers complained to the police that their children were invited by the mall Santa to grab a piece of candy cane inside his trousers while sitting on his lap and in plain sight.

Other children were led behind a curtain where Henry W. Clinton, 63, apparently made them pick from several candy canes that had been “inserted into his rectum,” according to one eyewitness.

“He pulled down his pants behind a curtain and asked my child if he would like to take a lick off of his erect penis which was painted in a candy cane fashion and coated in sugar,” one parent told reporters in horror.

Little Rock Police Officer Thomas Jordan in a press conference admitted that Park Plaza mall video surveillance footage also showed Henry W. Clinton having sexual intercourse with several plastic reindeers after mall hours and apparently smoking what is believed to be crystal meth.

“He grabbed me by the arm and shoved me under the mistletoe where he gave me a full-tongue French kiss in front of my 76-year-old mother, my husband, and my three children,” one traumatized shopper told reporters.

One 10-year-old victim also described to police how Clinton had painted his testicles in the holiday spirit and how they looked like “shiny and glimmering Christmas balls.”

Henry W. Clinton who has been volunteering in a number of malls in the region for the past decade denied the allegations of pedophilia but admitted to officers that he was “quite horny that day” and “really needed a blowjob” according to the official police report.

If convicted as a child sex offender, Henry W. Clinton, 63, could face up to a minimum sentence of 18 days in jail or a maximum sentence of 1,587 years believe legal experts.

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