Male stripper shot 5 times after showing up at a gang hideout by mistake in a cop costume

An exotic dancer hired to entertain a bachelorette party in Orlando was almost killed after he showed up at the wrong address, entering an MS-13 hideout in his policeman costume.

The 26-year old stripper Steve Macon was hired to show up at a bachelorette party and entertain a group of a dozen women last night.

The absent-minded young man noted the street name incompletely and showed up at a house on Allestrasse Lane instead of Alestrasse Court.

Mr. Macon knocked on the door and starting his usual police act when a young Latina woman answered.

Only seconds later, several gang members rushed towards the doors, guns blazing, and fired over 40 times in his direction.

Wilma Johnson, a neighbor who witnessed the entire scene, says the young man ran for his life as bullets were flying everywhere.

“I saw what I thought was a policeman on the porch. Then I heard gunshots, I saw the cop throw his gun, scream like a girl, and run while five men with guns were firing at him non-stop.”

Ms. Johnson says she didn’t feel the need to call the police despite the gunshots, as she had been fooled by the victim’s costume.

“I wondered why this cop had no backups but since I thought the police was already there, I didn’t call 911.”

Ms. Johnson, a neighbor who witnessed the entire scene, feels guilty she was fooled by the victim’s costume and didn’t call emergency services.

Mr. Macon ended up running nearly two miles before calling the paramedics himself and falling unconscious in a mall parking lot.

He was rapidly picked up by paramedics and had regained consciousness when he was transported to the hospital to be treated for five bullet wounds.

According to doctors, he was extremely lucky and his physical wounds are mostly superficial, but he may suffer a serious posttraumatic syndrome after this violent incident.

No arrests have been made yet in this case, but the Orlando Police Department has confirmed that an investigation has been opened to concerning this incident.

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