Jealous Dentist Drugged and Stole Teeth of Wife Who Cheated on Him

Celeryville, OH | An Ohio dentist has been arrested this morning after he exacted revenge upon his wife by pulling out all of her teeth after drugging her.

Herbert Kingsworth has formally been accused of First and Second-degree assault after disfiguring and intentionally drugging his victim without her consent.

The 67-year-old dentist told officers he did it because he discovered she was having an affair.

The woman woke up feeling drowsy and in excessive pain before realizing all her teeth had been pulled out

– James Austin, police Chief


Police Chief James Austin of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office estimates the cruel and gruesome operation lasted between 10 and 12 hours according to the victim

A gruesome operation

According to the victim’s testimony, the procedure lasted for over 10 hours, from morning to late into the night.

“He told her she had a root canal to be treated, but he obviously had other plans in mind,” explained Officer Austin to reporters.

It is also believed that the man did not use proper surgical tools to perform the sadistic operation as an icepick, a pair of vise grips and even an electric drill were found on the crime scene.

The retired dentist who has been charged with First and Second-degree assault could face up to 80 years in jail and $177,000 in fines believe legal experts.

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