Detroit: Rabid prostitute shot dead by police, autopsy reveals 12 chewed off penises in her stomach

The autopsy of sex worker killed by officers of the Detroit Police Department (DPD) last weekend revealed some astonishing and disturbing facts: not only was she infected with rabies, but she had the remains of at least a dozen human penises in her digestive system.

47-year Loretta Monroe was tased repeatedly before being shot 17 times by DPD officers during a controversial intervention on Saturday.

The officers involved had justified the intervention, saying Ms. Monroe was extremely aggressive and violent and “looked as if she was possessed by a demon.”

The result of her autopsy, revealed this morning, could provide an explanation for the 47-year old woman’s behavior: Ms. Monroe suffered from a severe case of rabies, causing anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia, and abnormally aggressive behavior.

The autopsy also shed some new light on Ms. Monroe, perceived by many as an innocent victim of police brutality, and gave a new direction to the investigation.

The remains of at least 12 partially digested human penises were found in her stomach, leading for at least a dozen potential victims

In a brief press conference this afternoon, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said investigators had already located seven of her victims in various hospitals of the region and were still looking for more.

“We are trying to determine the real number of victims and locate them. It’s possible that she may have struck in another city or state before arriving in Detroit or that some men died before reaching the hospital.”

Chief Craig says Ms. Monroe had been suffering from rabies for at least a year, so the number of her victims could reach several hundred.

“The medical examiner says the penises we found were at most 48 hours old. If she ate a dozen in two days, that means she could have eaten a thousand or more over the last year.”

Detroit Police chief, James Craig, is asking the public for help identifying the owners of the partially digested male genitals. Investigators believe that several hundred men could have fallen victim to Ms. Monroe cannibalism.

This unique story generated a lot of reactions in Detroit as well as on the social media over the last week.

While many had rapidly condemned the police officers for their “unjustified brutality”, today’s revelations suggest they may have actually put an end to a series of horrible cannibalistic crimes.

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