Canadian man receives 18-month sentence for repeatedly adding penises to neighbors’ snowmen

A man accused of adding male genitals to more than 400 snowmen over a 2 year period in the city of La Malbaie, in the Canadian province of Quebec, was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment and a $15,000 fine for his deeds.

49-year old Bruno Miller, an unemployed sculptor and self-described “performance artist and fertility shaman”, has been known for years for his penis-themed artwork and tasteless performances.

In December 2017, he launched his artistic campaign dubbed “Penises for Humanity” and started patrolling La Malbaie during the night and adding genitals to every snowman he could find.

Several citizens filed complaints to the police as his “art” was quite explicit and shocking for the children who had built most of these snowmen and an investigation was opened to identify and arrest the culprit.

He evaded the police for more than two years, aiming increasingly provocative targets like snowmen near schools, churches, or retirement homes.

He was finally caught in the act in a sting operation in February 2020 while adding genitals to a snowman specifically built as a lure by the police.

Dozens of his victims were present this morning both inside and outside the courthouse and many, like 36-year old Isabelle David, rejoiced when the sentence was announced.

“I hold a daycare center and that pervert added penises on every snowman the children built for more than two years. It was about time someone stopped him.”

Mr. Miller’s lawyer, Ms. Jeanne Harvey, had a totally different opinion of the judgment, saying her client’s fundamental rights and liberties are being violated.

“He was using his freedom of artistic expression to promote his religious beliefs in fertility shamanism, where phallic representations are viewed as powerful divine symbols. This judgment violates his most fundamental rights.”

Mr. Miller was found guilty on multiple charges of trespassing, indecent acts, and mischief but was acquitted on charges of making sexually explicit material available to children.

Mr. Miller’s lawyer, Ms. Jeanne Harvey, was relieved her client was acquitted on the most serious charges and says she’s confident that he be totally acquitted by the court of appeals.

Mr. Miller and his lawyer have already announced their decision to appeal the judgment, denouncing it as a “dangerous step towards governmental thought control and intolerant social puritanism.”

Most experts and analysts agree, however, that their chances of overturning the judgment are extremely slim.

They have 30 days to file their demand if they choose to appeal. In the meantime, he will remain incarcerated at the Quebec Detention Center

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