18-year-old arrested for breaking into hair salon and giving himself a haircut

An 18-year-old man was arrested this week after allegedly breaking and entering in a Denver hair salon to give himself a haircut.

Timothy Heinz, 18, was highly intoxicated on crystal meth when he broke into the local business.

Heinz told officers that he did not intend to burglarize the place but only to “give himself a haircut” according to the official police report.

“The suspect rammed into the building’s front window with his car to get inside the hair salon and started to shave his hair before police officers intervened minutes later,” Deputy Sheriff Alan Johnson explained to reporters.

Heinz rammed into the hair salon because “he hadn’t had a haircut since the beginning of the pandemic,” Heinz told officers in his deposition.

“The suspect was found half-naked and masturbating to his reflection in a mirror while he was shaving part of his head when police intervened,” Deputy Sheriff Johnson added during the press conference.

It is not currently known if Heinz suffers from mental health problems or if his behavior is solely due to his state of intoxication at the time.

“I wish he had asked us for a free haircut, it would’ve saved me a hell lot of trouble and hundreds of thousands in damage claims,” owner Patrice O’Neal told reporters.

The young man also shaved his chest, arms, legs, and pubic hair before Denver police arrested him according to released surveillance footage.

Last week, a similar event occurred when a man broke into a Denver grocery store because he badly needed a roll of toilet paper.

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