1500-year old magical grimoire stolen from Italian museum by “invisible” thieves

Audacious thieves using some unidentified type of stealth technology making them invisible stole a priceless antique book of magic rituals last night from the Museum of Precinema, in Padua.

Security agents doing their round around 3:45 this morning noticed that some items were missing from their displays, including a 6th Century Egyptian-Greek codex of necromancy, demonology, and alchemy,  a collection of medieval Arab incantation scrolls, and an 18th Century magical lantern.

They immediately called the police and examined the video footage from the security cameras.

In a brief press conference the morning, Carabinieri spokesman, Captain Lorenzo Ricci, described the images as “strange and disturbing” and said the investigation could be “extremely complicated”.

“The security cameras show some things moving around and the grimoire disappearing, but the thieves themselves are totally invisible. We don’t know how they did it.”

Captain Ricci said the investigators were already into advanced military technology among other leads.

“The thieves probably used some type of cloaking device producing a complex electromagnetic field. The infrared cameras only caught their silhouette twice during the whole heist, while the regular ones show nothing at all.”

The thieves’ silhouettes appear briefly twice during the heist, but they appear blurred by some type of energy field.

Dozens of policemen and federal officers of the carabinieri surrounded the museum this morning, trying to find any evidence that could help solve this unusual heist.

The nature of the stolen objects has brought many people to speculate that the thieves may have used some kind of magic to commit their crime.

The stolen codex, the oldest and most complete known copy of the Corpus Hermeticum, the reference document of medieval hermetic magic, has already been the target of several theft attempts.

It contains instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells and divination, and how to summon supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons

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