Dunkin’ Donuts Announces It Is Closing Stores For Good

Dunkin’ Donuts has been expanding around the country for many years. Dunkin’ is a coffee shop and bakery that gives locals a location to get their caffeine fix on every corner, similar to Starbucks.

And there is a Dunkin’ Donuts virtually on every corner in New England. Sometimes two places are just a short stroll apart from one another.

The East Coast will lose 450 Dunkin’ Donuts outlets, according to a recent announcement from the company. As a result, individuals who enjoy purchasing donuts or coffee while filling up their gas tank might be forced to make due with the subpar products that Dunkin’ can only offer them.

The gas station’s Dunkin’ stores don’t generate much revenue for the company. According to Scott Murphy, president of Dunkin’ Americas, they only contribute “less than 0.5 percent of Dunkin’ domestic sales in 2019.”

The decision to close such facilities and redirect all maintenance funds to other successful locations was taken by chief financial officer Kate Japson.

We’re convinced that by leaving these locations with little financial impact, we’ll be better positioned to serve many of these trade regions with new Dunkin’ NextGen stores that have a wider menu in the future, according to Japson.

As part of a termination agreement with Speedway, she continued, “We will close 450 limited-menu Dunkin’ Speedway owned and operated stores throughout 2020. These lower volume, limited-menu locations account for less than 0.5 percent of Dunkin’s annual U.S. systemwide revenue.

Currently, the Dunkin’ chain as a whole has 9,600 stores. There are a number of locations where people can grab coffee and refuel.

Dunkin’ Donuts might later regret choosing to close so many of its outlets, though. Many are holding off on spending money on products like coffee, which are sometimes considered luxury items, and instead choosing to acquire their morning joe at the grocery store because the COVID-19 pandemic is already closing down stores.

But, according to David Hoffman, CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, “We’re focused on making your experience as frictionless as possible, whether through our 5,300+ drive-thrus, On-the-Go ordering and curbside pickup through the Dunkin’ app, or delivery through GrubHub and other providers.” We are dedicated to giving you a safe and secure experience at Dunkin’, giving you a familiar and warm place to go in the midst of so much change.

People have nowhere to go outside of their homes since the virus is altering America’s terrain. Family life has been severely strained as a result. Some families appreciate having more time together. Others believe it to be simply unbearable.

Nonetheless, Dunkin’ intends to support you when you need it.

Hoffman stated, “Dunkin’ has been at the center of the communities we serve for more than 70 years, keeping America running and looking after our visitors. We are appreciative of the commitment of our franchisees and crew members, who work hard every day to uphold our brand’s reputation. By taking these extra measures to be your haven of comfort amid all of this uncertainty, we are upholding our tradition of being there for people when they need us most.

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