Lottery Winner Shows up Naked For His Work Shift at Walmart Store With Boss’s Face Tattooed on His Ass

A Walmart employee from Nashville found a fairly unusual way to leave his job after winning $13,2 million at the lottery, showing up entirely naked for work with the store manager’s face tattooed on his butt.

47-year old Jerry Smith won $13,215,720 jackpot a few weeks ago at the Powerball lottery, an event that visibly changed his perception of his job at a Walmart superstore.

After 17 years at his job without any incident, he was involved in several heated arguments with his superior over the last week and was suspended from work for two days for disciplinary reasons.

This morning, he pushed the confrontations a step further, showing up for work completely naked and baring a tattoo of the store manager’s face on his butt cheek.

According to his coworker Karen Miller who witnessed everything, Mr. Smith arrived at work totally naked and kept cussing and yelling obscenities for 45 minutes until he was arrested.

“He arrived drunk and naked 45 minutes late for his shift. He immediately began showing his ass to everyone and cursing the store manager and the company at the top of his lungs.”

Ms. Miller claims he defecated of the manager’s desk and caused mayhem for more than half an hour before he was arrested and escorted out of the store by the police.

“I get it that he won the lottery and chose to quit, but he didn’t have to act like a jerk and traumatize one hundred customers by running around naked and screaming like a maniac.”

Mr. Smith was arrested and filed with 113 criminal charges including 111 charges of indecent exposure, as well as public intoxication and vandalism causing more than $2500 in damage.

If found guilty on all charges, he faces up to 67 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $765,000.

He was also obviously fired from his job at Walmart for disciplinary reasons.

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