A woman was arrested for teaching squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend.

North Carolina – Earlier today, Charlotte Police Department officers detained 45-year-old Janice Smith for reportedly training many squirrels to harm her ex-lover by trapping and training them.

In the past month, the rodents are believed to have assaulted the victim, 51-year-old James Robinson, more than a dozen times.

These assaults left him with numerous severe wounds, including the loss of two fingers and one testicle that his attackers bit off.

The unfortunate man was baffled as to why squirrels were attacking him until he noticed his ex-girlfriend, a former circus animal trainer, encouraging the animals during one of the attacks.

She was somewhat concealed by some shrubs, but I could still see and hear her. The squirrels were being given orders to assault me by her while she was shouting at them.
Following Mr. Robinson’s report to the police, who then visited Ms. Smith, Mr. Robinson became aware that his life might be in danger.

Twelve cages with a total of 27 squirrels were discovered inside her home. Two training dummies with Mr. Robinson photos taped over their faces were also discovered by the search team.

The chief of police in Charlotte has stated that Janice Smith confessed to the assaults’ perpetrators and admitted to her bizarre plan.

“Ms. Smith admitted to teaching squirrels to harass and assault her ex-boyfriend. As a former lion trainer for a circus, she found it simple to control the creatures. She expressed the desire to assemble an army of up to 50 or 100 animals.
In connection with criminal harassment and using animals as weapons, the 45-year-old lady is currently being prosecuted on a number of criminal counts. The defense team for Janice Smith has sought that she get a psychological assessment because they believe she is not competent to stand trial. According to them, she may have mental health issues if she chooses to teach squirrels rather than dogs or bears. The highest sentence Ms. Smith might receive if she is found competent to stand trial is 65 years.


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