A 3-year-old girl dies after her mother tickles her to death by accident

Austin, TX – Following the death of a 3-year-old Texas child, a warning is being issued to parents throughout the nation. Tickling children under the age of seven vigorously can result in asphyxiation, which frequently results in death. Trina Williams, 28, is now charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of her baby after reportedly learning this the hard way. Police are not convinced by her account, despite the fact that this has reportedly happened to young children in the past.

Williams said that “the tickle game,” which she had been playing with her daughter since the infant was two months old, was the innocent cause of the incident. Williams informed the cops with a very calm and collected expression, “Me and Tati love to play this game, we do it every night… well, we did. I’m not sure, but she suddenly stopped moving after laughing loudly for a moment. I’m not sure why things went awry. Yet, I still have six other kids, so we get along. She will be missed, but I suppose that was her destiny.

The cops, however, don’t seem to believe Williams’ account of what took place during her allegedly “innocent” tickle game. Gerald Watson, the chief of police, said, “Simply by her statement she made about what transpired, I don’t trust her. They are still awaiting the autopsy results and the toddler had injuries all over her body. Mom says they were tickle bruises, which is probably not true. In any case, she killed her daughter, and it’s very revolting how she acts like she doesn’t care because she has other children.

According to Watson, if the postmortem results are as expected, the prosecution hopes to charge the defendant with first-degree murder. Williams is currently being held in the county jail without being given a bond. Child Protective Services are now responsible for her other 6 children.



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