Woman Busted for Tattooing Her Son and Selling Him for Drugs

Shaunetta Wright, 24, was arrested in New York for child abuse, negligence, and other offenses, and the manhunt for her ended peacefully early on Monday morning. According to the authorities, Wright is suspected of giving her partner permission to tattoo her two-year-old son’s upper torso with a full chest design before swapping the child for crack cocaine.

Wright reportedly approached her drug dealer with her son on Monday morning at 2:15 AM, according to reports. She showed off the boy’s new tattoo while he was angry, sobbing, and in a lot of agony. Tito Greene, her drug supplier, claims she asked him for crack cocaine but said she lacked the funds. Before her welfare check arrived on the first of the month, she offered him the hurt child as collateral. Greene, who is being questioned about the incident while in detention, claimed that he consented to take the boy and gave Wright her pills.

Greene admitted to selling drugs to others, but he also claimed to have a heart to the police. “I gave her the pills and brought the boy inside. To try to calm him down, we administered an ice pack and Neosporin to his chest. I was aware that I was going to get into trouble, but there was nothing I could do but call the police and help this kid.

Wright was sought after, and after a brief manhunt, she was found in a run-down motel only two miles from the exchange. Police are considering a lesser punishment for Greene’s valiant acts despite the drug possession charges he is currently facing. Child Protective Services currently has custody of the child. Wright is being held without bond in the county jail. They are still looking for the child’s illegally tattooed boyfriend, 23-year-old Oscar Williams.


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