A homeless couple was found living in the attic of a Walmart with a hot plate, a meth lab, and an LED TV.

Florida – It must be very hard to be homeless, especially when it is cold outside. But not for this Ohio couple, who had been “living in the lap of luxury” above a Miami Walmart. Wilbert Thomas, 48, told the police that he and his girlfriend, Ingrid Malone, 54, had been living above the store for more than two years. What they did in the attic confused the police and people who worked in the store.

Lieutenant Marshall Weiss said, “I don’t mean to laugh, but these people really got one over on Walmart.” “We found 2 pounds of meth that they had made on a hot plate in the attic. They also got food, drinks, a mini-fridge, a big-screen TV, a surround-sound system, a bedroom set, hangers, clothes, and more. If Walmart sold it, then they had it. These people had a good life. They even cut into the satellite TV wire and ordered NFL Sunday Ticket!”

When employees were in the break room, they heard banging coming from above. The couple was apparently making love when the new headboard for their queen-sized bed, which they also bought at the store, hit one of the attic walls. Thomas also admitted that he stole K-Y Jelly Yours and Mine, which he said “messed everything up and got us caught.”


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