A Florida father convicted of murdering his three-month-old infant claims the infant was “dropped.”

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA: A Florida man was brought to justice for murdering his three-month-old son in November 2018. Emmanuelle Vazquez, 33, has been convicted with one count each of felony murder and child abuse and murder of his son Julius ‘JJ’ Vazquez. He was sentenced to life in prison immediately after the verdict. The child reportedly died of multiple traumatic injuries and lacerations to his internal organs doctors found he died on November 14, 2018. The boy was found in the family home located in Delton.

When questioned, Vazquez denied having any knowledge about the cause of his son’s death. Law & Crime reported that later, he admitted to dropping the baby, who had fallen on the ground headfirst. An autopsy revealed internal injuries to the head and torso, as the boy’s death was deemed a homicide. Vazquez was arrested after experts managed to narrow down the timing of the injuries to those moments when the boy was alone with his father. “Is there some sense of satisfaction?” a sergeant had asked rhetorically, about the indictment of the father, adding, “Yes. But you have to understand that the satisfaction comes at the price of a small child who lost his life.”

Injuries and claims do not match

Vazquez had reportedly seemed very shocked and confused when arrested as it had happened all those years ago. Interestingly, he had continuously said, “I couldn’t do this to my child.”

“Medical science tells us that the number of fractures and the trauma that J.J. suffered don’t match up with the ‘I dropped the baby on its head,’” Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood had said about the child’s death and the father’s alleged involvement.

‘Fought for his life’

“It is difficult and depressing to imagine what 3-month-old Julius went through at the hands of his father,” 7th Circuit State Attorney RJ Larizz said after the verdict and sentencing. “He suffered fatal head injuries and a lacerated liver as he fought for his life after the vicious beating he endured. Not surprisingly, the evidence revealed that Julius suffered previous injuries that were in the process of healing. Remember Julius in your thoughts and prayers,” he added.

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