A 51-year-old man tries to cook crystal meth in a Walmart bathroom and blows it up.

Detroit, Michigan | A drug addict who thought he could improvise himself a chemist and cook his own drug in a Walmart bathroom with chemicals taken from the shelves, caused a massive explosion and at least $1,2M in damage.

Around 7:45 PM last night, an explosion was reported in the man’s bathroom of a Detroit superstore, blasting away parts of the walls and roof and causing a 50-foot high fireball.

Emergency services were rapidly called on the site, suspecting a possible criminal bombing or even a terrorist attack.

What they discovered when they arrived was quite different: a severely intoxicated and miraculously uninjured man greeted them, laughingly explaining he caused the explosion while “cooking drugs”.

Too Eager to Test the Merchandise

During his interrogation, 51-year old Jerry Mackensie admitted that he had “cooked” crystal meth in the store’s bathroom using a recipe he found on the internet.

He said he’d successfully cooked one batch and was cooking a second one when he decided to test his product and smoke some of it, causing the explosion.

In a brief press conference this morning, a Detroit Police Department spokesman, Captain Shawn Chandlers, described the accused as a dangerous and reckless individual.

“That man smoked drugs while he was mixing volatile and flammable chemicals in a public place. It’s a miracle he didn’t kill anyone including himself.”

Criminally Stupid and Reckless

According to Captain Chandlers, the accused was severely intoxicated and didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

“He was high and incoherent. He kept laughing and talking to himself, repeating “Boom!’ over and over again, bursting in laugher every time. He’s just criminally stupid and reckless!”


Detroit Police Department spokesman, Captain Shawn Chandlers, says it’s a miracle that no one was killed by Mr. Mackensie’s “criminally stupid and reckless behavior”.

Mr. Mackensie faces a total of 37 criminal charges including criminal negligence, reckless endangerment, arson, theft, drug manufacturing, drug possession, and public intoxication.

If found guilty on all charges, he faces a total of 114 years in prison and a maximum fine of $2,45 million.

He was denied bail by a judge this morning due to the risk of him endangering other people, so he’ll remain behind bars until the beginning of his trial.


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