This mother put her child in the toilet while she was dying from a gunshot wound. She is a hero

Charlotte-NC – A SWAT team was summoned to a three-story townhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. What no-one knew at the time was that inside the house, a domestic violence incident had already turned deadly. A full 12 hours after arriving, officers entered the home and found the bodies of 37-year-old … Read more

Illinois: Naked Man on Crystal Meth Bites 28 People In A Walmart Store

Chicago, Ilinois | A naked man caused quite a commotion in a Walmart supercenter this morning when he randomly bit dozens of customers while barking and screaming. 29-year-old Michael Kruger entered the store naked and visibly intoxicated around 9:30 AM this morning. He immediately began running around the supercenter, jumping on some of the customers … Read more

Arizona man kept deceased mother in freezer for years for “casual sex”

Phoenix, AZ | A 47-year-old man from Arizona has been arrested after allegedly keeping his own deceased mother in the freezer for years while collecting welfare checks, food stamps and even indulging in sexual activities with the corpse. Owen O’Reilly, 47, was arrested yesterday after neighbors warned authorities that the suspect was washing his naked mother … Read more

Florida Egg Farmer Transported to Hospital With A Live Adult Chichen Stuck in His Rectal Cavity

A farm owner from Florida was transported to the hospital in a critical condition late last night with an extremely agitated hen more than half-buried in his rectum. Around 11:30 last night, Palm Beach County paramedics were called to answer a medical emergency concerning a serious accident involving a farm animal, something rather frequent in … Read more

A Florida father convicted of murdering his three-month-old infant claims the infant was “dropped.”

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA: A Florida man was brought to justice for murdering his three-month-old son in November 2018. Emmanuelle Vazquez, 33, has been convicted with one count each of felony murder and child abuse and murder of his son Julius ‘JJ’ Vazquez. He was sentenced to life in prison immediately after the verdict. The child reportedly died of multiple … Read more