A California boy, 16, was fatally stabbed during a high school classroom brawl.

On Wednesday, a brawl broke out at a high school in Santa Rosa, and a 16-year-old boy was fatally stabbed.

A Santa Rosa Police Department press release states that the event happened inside a Montgomery High School classroom just after 11 a.m. local time.

Two kids were stabbed, but Jayden Jess Pienta, who was wounded at least three times, was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

His death was confirmed by family members to KPIX, a CBS network affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Outside the school, a shrine to the teen has begun to develop.

According to the authorities, the altercation began when two junior-level high school students, both 16 years old, attended an art class and confronted a 15-year-old student. The three students got into another argument when a teacher and three assistants intervened, at which point the freshman brandished a knife with a blade that was between four and five inches long, according to authorities, and allegedly stabbed both 16-year-olds.
“One of those students had what appeared to be three upper body stab wounds. One youngster had a left hand stabbing wound,” “John Cregan, the Santa Rosa police chief, told KPIX. He continued by saying that it seemed like “some prior altercations between these students.”

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According to a police release, officers started saving Peinta’s life almost four minutes after getting the call.

According to KPIX, both of the injured pupils were awake and able to provide the police with their initial statements. The second victim will recover from his wounds.

The 15-year-old student apparently left the school following the altercation, but authorities later discovered him in a nearby creek bed.

Due to his age, the authorities stated that his name would not be made public. He was detained and charged with three felonies—homicide, attempted murder, and possession of a weapon on school property—as well as the misdemeanor of violence on school property. He was then lodged at the Sonoma County Youth Justice Center.

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