Woman Finds Suspicious Blood-Like Stain at Storage Unit Leaving Internet Gripped

A woman shared a video online of a suspicious blood-like liquid spilling from a neighboring storage unit, leading to huge interest, with gripped viewers raising all kinds of concerns.

The mysterious stain was spotted by Ashley Money when she put her belongings into a storage unit while moving properties. To the tune of popular song “My Life Be Like,” she videoed the suspicious red liquid oozing out of the storage unit next to hers.

She has posted multiple videos on the situation since then, after TikTok became captivated by the discovery and the possible causes for it. Unsurprisingly, many minds immediately settled on the idea of a body being in the unit.

Over five days, the video had gained over 5 million views and 380,000 likes at the time of publication.

Initially, according to her videos, Money informed the front desk of the storage units about the liquid, and said the worker got “on the phone” immediately. A day later however, she visited and found the red liquid still there.

Money followed the demands of TikTok followers to pour hydrogen peroxide onto the liquid, as it often causes a bubbling effect when mixed with blood.

“Unfortunately, no bubbles,” Money confirmed after pouring it on. In later videos, she clarified that she used the term “unfortunately” as she felt she was disappointing viewers, rather than hoping that it was blood.

She did, however, say in a following video that upon returning to the liquid later, she saw what appeared to be slight bubbles.

The next day, in a final update, Money responded to the “lot of heat” she received from TikTok users for not immediately calling the police upon finding the stain. “At what point are you going to call the authorities?” asked one user.

Money explained that she had called the police soon after uploading the original videos, but due to so many people reporting her videos, she had been banned from uploading any more.

The police said they would call back, but apparently took hours to do so. “They ended up calling back in six and a half hours,” she said. “And then they laughed at me because it didn’t sound like an emergency.”

According to Money, they called the storage unit owners and made them open it up. “It ended up being something they were not allowed to be storing, and yes it did leak into mine but she did reassure me that it wasn’t a corpse.”

Money wasn’t told exactly what it was, but guesses on TikTok circled on the idea that it could have been a field-dressed deer from hunting.

Newsweek has contacted Ashley Money for comment.

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