Texas man charged with murder after claiming that his 81-year-old neighbor was killed by “Lucifer”

According to an arrest complaint obtained by Fox 7 Austin, a Texas man was detained and charged with murder after alleging that “Lucifer” killed his 81-year-old neighbor while he was blacking out.

According to a news release from the Austin Police Department, police were summoned to the victim’s apartment in Austin just before 2:00 p.m. on February 18 to check on his wellbeing. The caller stated that they had been waiting for Leonard Foster to respond for a few days.

According to the press release, the person claimed to have gone to Foster’s house, where a door was open and his car was missing. Also, they allegedly told police that Tamorian Moore, 23, was seen hauling garbage bags from Foster’s residence before driving Foster’s automobile.

Moore was holding trash bags when officers arrived and detained him, according to the police. When the police examined Foster’s flat, they found no sign of him.

Foster’s body was eventually discovered inside Moore’s apartment after investigators discovered that Moore was Foster’s neighbor, according to the police.

According to Fox 7 Austin, who cited the arrest complaint, Moore told officers that he believed Foster was attempting to seduce him and that “Lucifer” was responsible for Foster’s death. He allegedly went into a blackout and said he wasn’t sure how “Lucifer” carried out the 81-year-old Foster’s birthday murder.

Foster suffered cuts on his body and, according to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, died from blunt force trauma.

Foster’s family feels that he was the victim of a hate crime and may have been singled out due to his sexual orientation.

Foster’s niece, Debra Adams, told KXAN, “We would like to see the charges enhanced.” Given that it is not yet obvious whether Foster’s sexual orientation was a driving force behind the crime, police have not explicitly stated that this is the direction they intend to pursue their investigation.

Adams called her uncle “lovely and gorgeous in spirit.”

On the basis of a first-degree murder accusation, Moore is being detained in the Travis County Prison. It is unknown if he has filed a plea or appointed a lawyer to represent him.

Calling 512-974-TIPS will connect you to the Austin Police Department, which is looking for anyone with information on the homicide investigation.

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