SUV Taken From Gas Station With 1-Year-Old Girl Still Inside

An investigation is underway after a SUV was taken from a gas station in Illinois with a 1-year-old girl still inside the vehicle.

Dolton police said at about 8:19 p.m. on Sunday, a 2015 BMW SUV was stolen from the Food-4-Less gas station in the 1000-block of East Sibley Boulevard in Dolton, a village in Cook County.

The girl, 1, was in the backseat of the vehicle when the SUV was stolen. The suspect drove and headed westbound on Sibley Boulevard towards Harvey, Dolton police said.

The vehicle was recovered shortly after Dolton police requested an Amber Alert, and the child was found safe.

The child was transported to a nearby hospital for examination as a precaution before she was reunited with her parents, police said.

“Thanks to the surrounding officers in South Holland, Harvey, Phoenix and Dolton,” said crisis responder Andrew Holmes, ABC 7 reported. “Detectives have been working the street diligently as we went through alleys trying to locate this car. This car has been found.”

Police haven’t yet located the suspect, and an investigation is underway.

Newsweek has contacted Dolton Police Department for additional comment.

In a separate incident on October 3, a Virginia woman was accused of fleeing a car crash scene before stealing a bystander’s car while his five children were still inside the vehicle.

After her vehicle collided with another car, Markell Hancox of Chesapeake, Virginia, allegedly jumped into the other victim’s vehicle, unaware that his young children were in the back.

In a statement, the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office said that the woman headed northbound on the interstate before pulling into the parking lot of a convenience store.

She was then apprehended by the children’s father and by authorities as she attempted to flee, according to police.

Police said the five children were “extremely shaken” but “unharmed during the incident.”

Hancox was subsequently charged with five counts of second-degree kidnapping, larceny of a motor vehicle, and leaving the scene of the accident. She was held at the Currituck County Detention Center on a $210,000 bond.

Newsweek also reported in July about a woman in California who attempted to steal a car, unaware that a 1-year-old was in the back.

Police said the suspect, Christina Rojas, 30, attempted to leave the infant with a stranger after learning that the child was in the back seat. The child, who was unharmed, was reunited with her mother after police intervened.

Rojas was charged with vehicle theft, kidnapping, and child endangerment, police said.

Car thief pulling car handle
Close-up on car thief hand pulling the handle of a car. An investigation is underway after a SUV was taken from a gas station in Illinois with a 1-year-old girl still inside the vehicle.
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