Morgue employee cremated by mistake while taking a nap

An employee of the Jefferson County morgue died this morning, after being accidentally cremated by one of his co-workers.

According to the Beaumont Police Department, 48-year old Henri Paul Johnson decided to take a nap on a stretcher after working for sixteen hours straight.

While he was sleeping, another employee mistook him for the corpse of a 52-year old car accident victim and carried him to the cremator, World News Daily reported.

Before anyone could notice the mistake, he had already been exposed to temperatures ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and reduced to ashes.

Jenna Davis, one of Henri Johnson’s co-workers, says she heard him scream for about 15 seconds after the crematory was activated.

Ms Davis claims that the young co-worker who caused the accident was a new employee, and had forgotten to check for the toe tag to make sure he had the right body.

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