Florida woman pulls loaded gun on McDonald’s worker over free cookie

It was far from a happy meal.

An irate Florida woman pointed a loaded gun at terrified McDonald’s staffers Thursday in a dispute over a free cookie, according to WESH.

Amari Hendricks, 24, was in the drive-thru of an Altamonte Springs McDonald’s when she began arguing with an employee about her right to a complimentary cookie.

A staffer eventually handed over the baked treat to appease Hendricks, but the gesture did little to calm the situation and the argument continued.

Police said she then allegedly pulled out a black handgun, inserted a magazine, racked the slide and pointed the firearm at a drive-thru worker.

The abrupt escalation startled staffers, who retreated into the restaurant’s interior and attempted to lock the front door.

But Hendricks was able to get inside and allegedly assaulted a male worker — scratching his face and neck — before a colleague called 911 and police arrived.

Hendricks initially refused to comply with officers’ demands but was eventually taken into custody.

The cookie-fueled clash led to several charges against Hendricks — including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and resisting arrest.

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