18-Year-Old Accused of Murdering Temple University Police Officer Near Philadelphia Campus

Authorities believe that an 18-year-old shot and killed a Temple University police officer on Saturday night on the school’s Philadelphia campus and is now being charged with murder.

Police reported that Officer Chris Fitzgerald, 31, was found with several gunshot wounds to his face and body in the 1700 block of Montgomery Avenue in Philadelphia.

Fitzgerald was taken to the hospital and declared dead at 7:27 o’clock.

Fitzgerald, a married father of four, was the first Temple police officer to perish in the line of duty.

District Attorney Larry Krasner of Philadelphia issued a statement saying, “We join law enforcement and citizens in the area in expressing our sadness and outrage over this heinous atrocity.” “Officer Fitzgerald’s life was violently and senselessly torn away from him and his loved ones.”

The U.S. Marshals and Bucks County law enforcement officers arrested Miles Pfeffer the following morning at his residence in Buckingham Township, according to Krasner in the statement.

Krasner claims that Pfeffer was quickly transferred to Philadelphia, where he was detained by the Philadelphia Police, who are in charge of the officer’s murder investigation.

Pfeffer is accused of murder, the murder of an officer of the law, and other charges.

In connection with the suspected carjacking of a man following the shooting, he is also accused of robbery, carjacking, and other connected charges.

Fitzgerald came into contact with Pfeffer “during the course of an incident investigation at the edge of Temple’s campus,” according to the district attorney’s statement, just after 7 o’clock on Saturday.

In a statement regarding the shooting, authorities said Tuesday that Fitzgerald got out of his patrol car in full uniform and approached three individuals who were wearing masks and black clothing in a neighborhood that had recently experienced a rash of robberies and carjackings, according to NBC 10.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Fitzgerald could be heard on the radio stating that he was pursuing a suspect on foot wearing black clothing, according to NBC 10.

According to NBC 10, Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Ernest Ransom stated during the briefing that video showed Fitzgerald chasing Pfeffer and urging him to get on the ground when they approached Montgomery Ave.

Fox 29 said on Tuesday that Pfeffer drew a weapon and shot at the officer.

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