1-Year-Old Child and Two Teens Are Dead After Highway Shooting in Chicago

Three young individuals, including a 1-year-old daughter, were slain in a shooting that occurred on a Chicago roadway on Sunday night.

A-mara Hall, 1, Nasir Hall, 19, and William L. Smith, 13, were the three fatalities from the shooting on I-57 on Chicago’s South Side, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The three victims were in a car in the northbound lane, according to the Illinois State Police. After the shooting, the car left the highway at an exit, and police arrived on the scene.

As Amara Hall passed away in the hospital, Nasir Hall and Smith were discovered dead at the scene. According to authorities, three more people ended up in the hospital after the incident.

According to Josh Robinson, spokesman for the state police, who was quoted by the Chicago Tribune, one of the injured people was a 14-year-old boy who was brought to the hospital in “fair-to-critical” condition.

There have been no arrests, and the inquiry is still underway. Community activists have reportedly offered a $7,000 prize for information that results in an arrest, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

According to the source, campaigner Andrew Holmes said, “We’ve got to get these baby killers off the street.”

“Can you imagine the pain the infant went through after that projectile struck that newborn?” Holmes continued.

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