Woman’s ‘Body’ Found Near Hiking Trail Turns Out to Be Doll

Concerns about a body found in the woods on Thursday swiftly subsided when the real issue turned out to be a lot more bizarre.

Deputies with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia responded to a call about a body being found in the Hitchiti National Forest north of Macon. They discovered “what appeared to be the body of a deceased female wearing white socks,” according to local newspaper The Telegraph.

Despite appearances, investigators later called to the forest to examine the “body” deduced that it was something else entirely: a life-sized, life-like doll. It was even found to have several accessories and a serial number.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Jones County Sheriff’s Office appeared to be taking the bizarre false alarm in stride and with a sense of humor. The “victim,” they claimed, was now named Selena and was merely feeling “under the weather.”

“The first part of 2022 has sure been busy,” the statement began. “Yesterday afternoon, our investigators responded to what was believed to be a body located on a trail in Hitchiti National Forest. Initial responding deputies observed what appeared to be the body of a deceased female wearing white socks. Our crack team of investigators arrived on scene, along with Deputy Matthew Dennis, who quickly recognized the body to actually be a life-sized doll, complete with accessories.

“Deputy Dennis located the model number [which was very concerning for me]. Never missing the opportunity, the crime scene was appropriately processed and the evidence was collected and brought to the Sheriff’s Office. The victim, now named Selena, is a little under the weather, but she has been having a nice day and is expected a make a full recovery.”

Near the end of the statement, the sheriff’s office made a good-natured plea to the former owner of “Selena” and assured them that their identity was secure.

“In all seriousness, thank God for small blessings in that this just turned out to be a case of littering,” the statement continued. “If you know Selena or are responsible for her whereabouts, rest assured no DNA was collected and you are safe. But in the future, please make sure to dispose of your items in a responsible way.”

Newsweek reached out to the Jones County Sheriff’s Office for any additional information available about the case.

Last summer, authorities in Japan rescued what was believed to be a dead woman in a river, only to find that it was a sex doll. The item was initially found by a YouTuber, Tanaka Natsuki, who had been filming a video about fishing in the river.

dead body life sized doll
Authorities in Georgia determined that a reported dead body found in a forest turned out to be a life-sized doll.
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