Video Shows Woman Caught Stealing, Throwing Toy at Walmart Employee’s Face

Police have shared surveillance footage that showed the moment a Florida woman threw a toy at a Walmart employee’s face after she was caught stealing.

The Winter Haven Police Department posted the video to its Facebook page on Tuesday in the hopes that followers could help identify the woman.

According to police, the suspect visited a Walmart in Winter Haven, Florida on February 2. She proceeded to fill a cart with various toys and grocery items before visiting self-checkout.

“She [lingered] for quite a while even leaving the full buggy and walking to look at other items in kiosks next to neighboring registers,” the police department stated.

After about 15 minutes, she tried to leave the store without paying for her items. However, she was stopped at the store’s entrance and taken back to the self-checkout area, where an argument ensued between the woman and a few of the store’s employees.

“Get the manager Kim. I have an employee discount and I get my groceries for free,” she said, according to police, who added that the store does not employ a manager named Kim.

The next part of the interaction was included in the clip shared by police. In that clip, the woman can be seen grabbing a Barbie doll from her cart and walking away. Eventually, she returns. But when she does, she starts another argument with an employee that ends with the woman throwing the Barbie doll at the employee’s face and storming off.

Police said that the employee suffered a “small” laceration on her lip as a result of the interaction.

As previously stated, Winter Haven police are still looking for the woman, who is said to have green hands and green hair as a result of a “recent hair dye treatment.”

Two images taken of the woman from inside the store were included at the end of the video clip.

Newsweek has reached out to the Winter Haven Police Department for comment.

Winter Haven is in the 46th percentile for safety, which means 54 percent of cities are safer, said

The overall rate of crime for the city is 28.30 per 1,000 residents, and those who live in Winter Haven consider the city’s eastern part to be the safest. The Walmart where the incident occurred is in the city’s southern region.

When it comes to theft, the city is in the 28th percentile for safety, continued, adding that the city’s rate of theft is 11.50 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

“Your chance of being a victim of theft in Winter Haven may be as high as 1 in 30 in the southeast neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 327 in the northwest part of the city,” the website explained.

“People who live in Winter Haven generally consider the northwest part of the city to be the safest for this type of crime,” the website said.

Police have shared surveillance footage that shows the moment a Florida woman threw a toy at a Walmart employee’s face when she was caught stealing. The employee suffered a laceration during the interaction.

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