Sleeping Family Stabbed in Brutal Attack That Snapped 7-Inch Metal Knife

Six family members were stabbed as they slept in their Pennsylvania home Friday morning and have been transported to the hospital, according to police.

Police later arrested a 29-year-old male suspect, who matched the description given to authorities, three blocks away. The man is also a family member of the victims and lives in the same home.

Police were called to a Philadelphia home on the 3000 block of North Front Street in Kensington at around 4:00 a.m, according to an ABC 6 Action News report.

Two knives were discovered at the scene of the crime, one of them broken.

“It is a very violent scene, it is all on the second floor of the three bedrooms of this private residence,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told ABC 6 Action News.

“There is blood on the floor, there is blood on the walls and on the doors. The door to the master bedroom was completely knocked off of its hinges.

All the victims are adults between the ages of 26 and 46 years old. Five of the family members were taken to a hospital in a stable condition.

The sixth victim was a 46-year old woman. The woman is believed to be the mother of some of the family members and is in a critical condition with a deep laceration to the neck.

“There are two bloody knives on the second floor. One of the knives is a metal knife and they both have seven-inch blades,” said Small.

“One of the knives that is all metal is actually broken which goes to show how violently these individuals were being stabbed for one of the knives to actually break.”

Small said the suspect was covered in blood and did not resist when apprehended by police. Police did not release the name of the suspect they arrested and said they do not have a motive for the crime at this time.

“He was wearing all dark-colored clothing and was about 5 foot 10. [When officers] were looking for the suspect not only did they see someone fitting the description, this person was also covered with blood,” Small added.

“His face, his clothing [was covered with blood] and he actually had some cuts to the inside of his hands which is common when you stab somebody.

“They took the individual into custody, he is in [the hospital] being treated for cuts to his hands but he was positively identified by some of the family members, including some of the victims.”

Newsweek has contacted the Philadelphia Police Department for comment.

A Google maps screenshot of a home (center) on 3000 block of North Front Street, where six families members were stabbed on Friday morning. Police found a suspect covered in blood and arrested him.
Google Maps

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