Two Teen Babysitters Are Facing Charges After They Filmed Themselves Letting a Toddler Use a Vaping Device

Pennsylvania police have confirmed that they are filing child endangerment charges against two teenagers who filmed a video of a two-year-old boy smoking a vape pen while they were babysitting him. According to police, the authorities were alerted to the video via the local youth violence prevention hotline, Safe2Say Something. The video shows the toddler … Read more

Female cop, 44, jailed for having sex with teen son of police colleague after ‘grooming’ the boy

A COP from California has been sentenced for having sex with the 16-year-old son of one of her colleagues after the boy’s parents alleged that she “groomed” him. Shauna Bishop, 44, pleaded guilty to having sex with the boy while working as a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy, and was sentenced Wednesday. She was given one … Read more