A 117-year-old Phoenix man who had been serving a 99-year sentence was released from jail this morning.

Phoenix, AZ – A 117-year old man from Phoenix, was liberated from prison this morning after outliving a 99-year sentence, becoming the first prisoner to do so in the history of the United States. Grandson of one the most famous horse thief in American history, Henry William Borne was arrested by the Phoenix Police in … Read more

28-Year-Old Man Caught After Allegedly Paying Homeless Guy $6 to Do Backflip, Then Injured Fatally

Police have arrested a man who allegedly paid a homeless person to do a backflip, resulting in a deadly injury. On Wednesday , the Los Angeles Police Department arrested 28-year-old Keonte Jones and charged him with felony willful disregard of a person’s safety, according to a press release. Police said Jones was approached by Larry … Read more

Chicago Police Discover Underground Gang Hideout With Shooting Range, Several Thousand Rounds of Ammo

Chicago, IL – Police in Chicago have released images of a covert underground “hiding area” they say was discovered beneath a house linked to a gang member. According to the Police Department, the secretive area also contained a section that was being used as a shooting range. It was uncovered by experts from the department’s … Read more