Lottery Winner Shows up Naked For His Work Shift at Walmart Store With Boss’s Face Tattooed on His Ass

A Walmart employee from Nashville found a fairly unusual way to leave his job after winning $13,2 million at the lottery, showing up entirely naked for work with the store manager’s face tattooed on his butt. 47-year old Jerry Smith won $13,215,720 jackpot a few weeks ago at the Powerball lottery, an event that visibly … Read more

California Egg Farmer Transported to Hospital With A Live Adult Chichen Stuck in His Rectal Cavity

A farm owner from Shelbyville in California was transported to the hospital in a critical condition late last night with an extremely agitated hen more than half-buried in his rectum. Around 11:30 last night, Shelby County paramedics were called to answer a medical emergency concerning a serious accident involving a farm animal, something rather frequent … Read more

A 3-year-old girl dies after her mother tickles her to death by accident

Austin, TX – Following the death of a 3-year-old Texas child, a warning is being issued to parents throughout the nation. Tickling children under the age of seven vigorously can result in asphyxiation, which frequently results in death. Trina Williams, 28, is now charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of her baby after reportedly … Read more

A man was caught “pimping” a blind, disabled goat on Craigslist, but not before he made more than $100K

An Illinois man is charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality and solicitation of an animal after posting an ad on Craigslist offering his goat Muffin for “services.” Police tracked down 48-year-old Hubert Dempsey in an undercover sting operation which is trying to limit the exploitation of animals on the Internet site. Cops arranged to meet … Read more

Homeless Couple Found Living In Walmart Attic With Hot Plate, Meth Lab, And 42- inch LED TV

Columbus, Ohio – Being homeless has to be very difficult, especially in the colder times of the year. But not for this Ohio couple who had been “living in the lap of luxury” above a Ohio Walmart store. The ‘homeless’ man, 48-year-old Wilbert Thomas, admitted to police that he and his girlfriend 54-year-old Ingrid Malone, … Read more

A woman was arrested for teaching squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend.

North Carolina – Earlier today, Charlotte Police Department officers detained 45-year-old Janice Smith for reportedly training many squirrels to harm her ex-lover by trapping and training them. In the past month, the rodents are believed to have assaulted the victim, 51-year-old James Robinson, more than a dozen times. These assaults left him with numerous severe … Read more

Authorities Arrest 3 Family Members After 11-Year-Old Gives Birth to Her Brother’s Baby in Bathtub

An 11-year-old girl who was reportedly raped by her brother delivered birth at home, and her brother and parents face criminal prosecution. The girl gave birth to a boy in a bathtub in San Jose, CA, according to a probable cause statement. Her biological brother, who is 17, was charged last week with incest, statutory … Read more