Gavin Newsom Proposes $300M to Fight Smash-and-Grab Thefts Amid ‘Soft on Crime’ Accusations

In the face of surging retail robberies by groups of thieves in major cities, state leadership in California is taking steps to bolster law enforcement. On Friday, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom—accused by Republicans of being “soft on crime”—announced his plan to seek $300 million in state funding to help police combat the “smash-and-grab” robberies that … Read more

Judge Rejects Request to Release Robert Morss, Ex-Army Ranger Charged in Capitol Riot

A federal judge on Friday denied a motion filed to release former Army Ranger and Capitol rioter Robert Morss from jail. U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden ruled that Morss will remain in jail pending trial as he faces charges of assaulting police officers during the Capitol attack on January 6, the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported. Morss’ … Read more

DEA Seized Enough Fentanyl to ‘Kill Every Single American’ This Year as Opioid Deaths Top 100K

Anne Milgram, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Sunday that officials have seized enough doses of fentanyl in the past year to “kill every single American,” as the nation grapples with 100,000 opioid deaths. Speaking on Face the Nation, Milgram said the agency has collected 15,000 pounds of the powerful synthetic opioid … Read more