17-Year-Old Beaten To Death By Uncle Over Washing Clothes, Body Found Hanging From Bridge

17-Year-Old Beaten To Death By Uncle Over Washing Clothes, Body Found Hanging From Bridge

he body of a teenage girl, who was allegedly beaten to death by her uncle over washing his clothes, was found hanging from the railing of a bridge in India.

The police identified the victim as 17-year-old Neha Paswan, who lived in the city of Gorakhpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The victim’s brother told The Times of India their uncle thrashed the girl Monday evening, following which she was taken to a hospital for treatment. However, Neha died on the way.

The accused and her other uncles then threw her body from the Patnawa bridge. However, instead of falling down, the corpse got stuck on the railing of the bridge.

The girl’s father, identified as Amarnath Paswan, is the eldest of the four brothers. According to local media, the entire family lived in the same house. The uncle, who beat the teenager, was identified by his first name — Arvind.

The police said they have sent the victim’s body for an autopsy. A complaint has been filed against the uncles allegedly responsible for the death of the teenager. The charges placed against the accused remain unknown, and it was also not revealed if he has been arrested, Lokmat news reported. Local media did not reveal if the father of the teenager was aware of the assault on his daughter. The identity of the other uncles have also not been made public.

An investigation is currently underway into the incident.

In May, a 10-year-old girl was stripped naked at gunpoint and brutally thrashed by her father. The incident, which was caught on camera, took place in the eastern state of Assam. Media reports said at the time, the father used a bamboo stick to beat the girl. The child’s mother tried to rescue her, but failed. The father assaulted the girl as he suspected her of stealing some valuables. “The man himself is involved in various illegal activities and in the video, we have seen he is showing a gun. However, we are yet to find the gun. After initial interrogation, we are going to produce the man before the court,” Ditumoni Goswami, a local police officer, said at the time.

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